We train and employ people leaving prison to lead tough workouts in London. We're recruiting new trainees to join our six-week training programme.

If you have been to prison and have a fitness qualification Level 2 or above then please complete this short form to apply.

Please note we do not accept sexual offences or offences involving children.

Visit our website at www.thehardyard.co.uk or find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @hardyardlondon.
Apply now
Please complete this short form to tell us about yourself and why you're interested in joining The Hard Yard. If writing isn't your thing, don't worry. Get down what you can and we can give you a call instead.

Don't forget - we only work with people who have been in prison. If you have not spent time in prison, please do not continue with this application.

First name(s) *

Second name *

Where do you live? *

Please provide us with an address. If you are currently living in a hostel, please give the address of the hostel.
Phone number *

If this phone number does not belong to you, please say who it belongs to i.e. My mother
Describe yourself in three words ...

Tell us about any qualifications you have

We're particularly interested if you have any sports or fitness qualifications.
Tell us about any work experience you have in sports, fitness or coaching

Tell us what you did, where you did it and how long you did it for.
Why should we choose you for The Hard Yard training programme?

Do you need a work permit to work in the UK? *

If you are a British or EU citizen you do not need a work permit. You only need a work permit if you are from outside the UK or EU.
Do you consent to a basic disclosure police check if you are successful at interview? *

If you are successful at interview, we will ask to carry out a basic disclosure police check. This will show any unspent convictions on your record. For more information about the check and to find out if your convictions are spent, you can call a charity called NACRO on 0300 123 1999 or email helpline@nacro.org.uk or visit their website at www.nacro.org.uk

We will always carry out the check after your interview with us. If you do not consent to a basic disclosure police check, we are unfortunately unable to offer you a place on our training programme. 
Please give the name and contact details of someone who can provide a character reference for you.

This people will have known you for 1 year or more. They should be a professional, such as your probation officer or someone who works for an organisation you have worked with in the past.

We will not contact the people you list before we have your written consent. We will ask for this the first time we meet you.
Please provide your probation officer's name and phone number.

We will not contact your probation officer before we have your written consent. We will ask for this if you reach interview stage.
When would you be able to start training with us? *

Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you when we're looking at your application?

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